10 Indiana Gift Ideas for Indianapolis 500 Race Lovers, Image of 10 race themed  gifts including checkered socks, a car crayon, an Indy 500 t-shirt, and a checkered water bottle

10 Indianapolis 500 Race Gifts for Your Favorite IndyCar Lover

10 Indianapolis 500 gifts including t-shirts, beverages, a race car crayon, and a Indianapolis Motor Speedway merch


The Indianapolis 500, often referred to as “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing,” is not just a race— it is a cultural phenomenon. Every year, thousands of fans flock to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to witness the thrill of cars speeding around the track at breakneck speeds. If you have a friend or loved one who is a die-hard Indy 500 fan or you just need a good gift idea for someone who just moved to Indianapolis, there’s no better way to show your appreciation than by gifting them something related to this iconic event.  

What gift can I give to a race car fan who loves the Indianapolis 500?

Here in our Noblesville, IN crayon studio, we are melting and carving up a crayon storm of Indy Car Original Rainbow Crayon gifts to prepare for all of the big race events, race themed birthday parties, and table decor for an Indianapolis 500 party with our Indy Car Race Car Rainbow Crayon for fans of the Indianapolis 500.  Who wouldn't want a rainbow racecar? Below, I am sharing a few of the best Indianapolis 500 gift ideas for your next race car tracks basket or IndyCar racing party! 


Racing Stickers and Indianapolis Motor Speedway Merchandise Art

Wings and wheels rainbow design art for Indianapolis Motor Speedway Logo

Indianapolis-based artist, Justin Patten, brings his unique, artistic style to the Indianapolis 500 Wing and Wheel logo. I love when IMS backs local artists to create non-traditional merchandise (you know I love a good rainbow) for events at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!  He also has some beautiful Indy 500 Race Flag designs and IndyCar racing shirts that would make a great gift of May! 


Race Car Crayon - A Unique Gift For Indianapolis 500 Fans

Race car crayon gift for kids in yellow, red, and green hues.

Who needs toy cars when you can have a rainbow car crayon! How cool would these crayon car favors look at an Indianapolis 500 themed party or event amongst the black and white checked decor? A fun and functional place setting for sure! 

We totally had to include our Original Rainbow Crayon® race car rainbow crayon gift, inspired by the excitement of the Indianapolis 500 and the rainbow colors of Art 2 the Extreme®! These oversized crayons are sure to bring a smile to any young racing fan's face. Each Indy car shaped crayon is carefully crafted with over 30 recycled, high-quality crayons, in a mix of swirling colors for your coloring and drawing projects to ensure long-lasting color and fun.


Indiana State Necklace (it can be personalized!)

silver necklace in the shape of the state of Indiana with a hear where Indianapolis is.

Show your Hoosier pride with this adorable Indiana state necklace. With its cute outline of the state and a heart marking the city of Indianapolis, it’s the perfect piece of bling for any Indiana lover. Whether you’re cheering at the Indianapolis 500 events in May or just showing off your Indiana state pride, this necklace is sure to be a hit.


Simplicity Cold Pressed Juice and Cocktails

Two bottles of Simplicity juice. One is a green goddess, green juice beverage and one is an orange colored juice cocktail.

I cannot say enough amazing things about this local to me, Indianapolis-based, natural juice company. I first dove into the world of cold pressed juices early 2023 and once I tried Simplicity, I hit the ground running. I tried my first juice cleanse to take a break from my horrible Diet Coke habit and it was one of the best things I ever tried and stuck with. Simplicity is a part of our weekly grocery run and my kids love the flavors as well. I love that this delicious juice can be found locally at Whole Foods, Meijer, Total Wine & More, and Kroger among other popular grocery locations, but don’t worry… Simplicity ships!

Woman's hand holding out a Simplicity cocktail beverage bottle with straw. In the background is the pergola of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway against a sunset.

Why is Simplicity on my Best Gifts for the Indianapolis 500 in May list? Because every single fridge at the Speedway is stocked with variety and every Indy Car race car driver has one in their hand during the month of May!  It is a staple at big events in Indianapolis and at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway track such as the Indianapolis 500 kickoff event, REV Indy!  If you are a cocktail drinker, Simplicity makes the BEST healthy cocktails. It has all of the good stuff and none of the garbage.


Checkered Socks - Perfect to wear to Indy 500 Events!

pair of black and white checkered socks

I love a good, fun and funky pair of socks. This Indianapolis 500, black and white checkered pattern socks are just pure FUN. Add a little flair to your Indy 500 banquet, REV Indy attire, or just to the track with shorts! 


Just Pop In! - Local Indy Love Gift Box

Brown box of Local Indiana Love Gift Box of Indiana Food tie with string. You cannot see what is inside very well, but there is a sticker that says Local Love on the front.

I love a good foodie gift and Just Pop In! Is my favorite popcorn brand to eat and gift! Just Pop In! Is an award-winning gourmet popcorn company in Indianapolis, IN and creates unique and tasty, specialty flavors of popcorn (and among one of the first to do so many years ago).  Have you tried Spicy Pepper Pickle Popcorn before?

Owala Water Bottles 

black and white checkered water bottle from Owala water bottle company, limited release

I am a hardcore, Owala fan (Sorry, Stanley, I have never owned one and won’t change my mind). When they released the black and white checkered water bottle, I knew this one would be a HUGE hit with racing fans! It is simply the best water bottle brand out there. Seriously…. You are welcome to change my mind, but as a mom of littles and a husband that loves to take my water bottle because it is better than his, these are the best flippin bottles and you KNOW you need to stay hydrated at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway when it gets HOT, HOT, HOT!


Buffalo Check Kitchen Towel from The Blessed Peach

black and white stay put towel in checkered pattern

My family cannot keep towels off the floor, so when I saw this super smart and creative way to not only own a cute towel, but actually keep it hung, I knew this stay-put towel was a winner and I immediately searched options from The Blessed Peach for a black and white, checkered print!  Ever track and racing wife needs this in their RV for the month of May and this towel should be behind every bar at the track for sure!


Checkered Indiana Tee - United State of Indiana

black t-shirt with the shape of Indiana in the middle. Indiana is created in a black and white checkered pattern.

Art 2 the Extreme® has been in business almost 20 years. I remember going to craft shows and events with friends from United State of Indiana. I have loved watching this t-shirt company grow and they have the BEST selection of original art  and merchandise related to the Indianapolis 500 and all things Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Indiana gift themed. I love their Winners Drink Milk® Tie Dye Tee for a splash of color!


Slumberkins Kinspirtion Kit - Kit 4: Yak’s Derby Day Disaster 

Yellow colored box open to reveal a Slumberkins Yak themed racing toy.

Slumberkins is another women-owned brand that I have known for years… before their Shark Tank days when they were still creating everything by hand!  I have loved watching this amazing company grow and Slumberkins have recently added new Kinspiration Kits to their collection. This kit is perfect for kids ages 3-7 in my opinion. When I saw the newest was a racing theme, I knew it had to be a part of my Indianapolis 500 Gift Guide as the perfect race car themed gift for little kids. This race car themed learning toy is not only fun for Indianapolis 500 fans and race families, but teaches children about setting goals, overcoming challenges, and learning from mistakes. A lot of their activities make great stem building toys as well. My boys are going to LOVE the build-your-own race tracks. Plus, the wooden cars and figures are such high-quality for me to keep for generations to come.



The Indianapolis 500 is more the just a race— it is a celebration of speed, skill, and tradition that captivates fans around the world. By sharing any of these Indy 500 themed gifts, you can share in the excitement and passion of the event with your loved ones. Whether it’s official merchandise from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, supporting a handmade artist, or adding some colorful racing car crayons to your collection, there is no shortage of ways to make the Indy 500 Experience and month of May celebrations even more memorable. 

Women in glitter dress holds up a red colored car crayon at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway track during Rev event

When is the Indianapolis 500?

The 108th running of the Indianapolis 500 is scheduled for Sunday, May 26, 2024.


What is Rev ?

One of the first Indianapolis 500 race season celebrations at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is Rev on May 4, 2024. 

Rev 2024 is a philanthropic event in support of Indiana University Heath, presented by Fifth Third Bank, and hosted at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 

Women posing on red carpet at Rev Indianapolis event for the Indy 500 in a rainbow colored dress.

Guests in attendance dine on driver-inspired cuisine prepared by Indy’s best chefs and beverage partners, such as out friends at Simplicity Cold Pressed Cocktails.  There is a wide variety of music and entertainment while you eat and dance the night away with IndyCar drivers and racing legends. 

Image taken of the REV vip event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway from above in the pergola. The tops of white tents are shown with people looking small like ants. There is a red and checkered carpet.
Hand holding out a red colored car crayon from high above, over looking the track at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

In 2023, my mother and I were invited by my friend, Beth at Simplicity, to experience the thill first-hand and Rev was by far the best party I have ever been to.  We not only got up close and personal with the actual Borg-Warner trophy, but also rode around the track at speeds over 120mph. 

Two women in formal dresses agains a black backdrop with the Borg-Warner Indy 500 trophy between them

The food was the certainly the best of the best that Indianapolis has to offer and found myself going back to the St. Elmos shrimp station many times. I am so blessed and thankful to have such amazing small business friends who lift up, support, and include others in their successes and the good things happening (thank you, Beth).


Two women hugging outside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Rev red carpet event. One has a Simplicity cold-pressed cocktail beverage in hand with a checkered straw.


It was a night to remember and loved being able to get away from the craziness of my own handmade crayon business to relax and enjoy a night out at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 

Women in a sparkle sequin dress in rainbow colors smiles, looking away from the camera.

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