Collection: Shop Rainbow Crayon Gifts For Kids

Art 2 the Extreme® specializes in personalized crayons, unique party favors and custom crayon design. From oversized crayons to personalized party favors for toddlers and adults alike, Original Rainbow Crayon® creations are the perfect kids crayon gift for the young and young at heart. Shop rainbow crayon gift ideas from the Art 2 the Extreme® crayon collection.

The Original Rainbow Crayon® collection is designed to ignite creativity and imagination in children with our innovative multicolor crayons. These multi color crayons, crafted with multiple colors in each stick, make it easy for little hands to create vibrant and unique artworks. Whether you're looking to add a splash of color to your child's art supplies or searching for the perfect holiday gift, our crayons are an excellent choice. Let your children explore the endless artistic possibilities with our Original Rainbow Crayon® collection, where creativity knows no bounds!