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Are you looking for an Etsy expert to help level up your handmade business or small brand?

Nicole Lewis is an Etsy U instructor, specializing in branding your Etsy shop and getting press for your small business. Each month, Nicole teaches Etsy seller workshops full of Etsy tips, Etsy SEO insights, and best practices to grow your Etsy business. Fill out the form below to receive updates for upcoming Etsy U workshops, PR classes, SEO training, and one-on-one mentoring with Nicole.

You will learn the key to showing up in Etsy search results and the science of Etsy SEO optimization so that your Etsy store can make more sales. By filling out this form, you will have access to an Etsy specialist who can share years of Etsy expert tips, resources, and mentorship as well as notes from past and future Etsy U classes. 
Let's Get Press eBook cover image shown on a laptop. A page titled Structure of a pitch is shown on an iPad mock up, a page showing how to write a pitch is shown on an iPhone mock up. 78 pages of tips, resources. and samples to help small businesses write a pitch graphic.Podcast episodes with guest speaker and Etsy SEO and Etsy shop expert, Nicole Lewis of Art 2 the Extreme.
Episode 116: April 24, 2024
How do I get press for my small business. A woman with thumbs up is smiling. A second woman, the guest Nicole Lewis, is shown below in a circle smiling. This is a cover photo for a podcast episode on the Simple and Smart SEO Show
Episode 60: July 12, 2023
 Listen to Etsy expert and SEO coach Nicole Lewis on the Simple and Smart SEO Podcast.
Upcoming branding and PR workshops from Art 2 the Extreme and Nicole Lewis

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Etsy U workshops and classes from Etsy Expert and Coach, Nicole Lewis, Check back for Etsy 2024 classes and workshops! 



Past PR workshops and branding trainings from Etsy Expert Nicole Lewis.


Nicole Lewis is a Master Class teacher for H+H Americas 2024. Nicole Lewis, Etsy coach of Art 2 the Extreme, will be speaking on May 1-3rd at the H+H Americas conference in Rosemont, IL.

Tuesday, April 30 - 12:00-2:30pm and 3:00-5:30pm

Crafting Your Etsy Empire: Strategies for Building and Sustaining a Profitable Etsy Shop

Have questions you have been dying to ask an Etsy specialist? Don’t know where to start with your Etsy shop? This is your opportunity! Take a deep dive into Etsy best practices and learn how to dominate the Etsy algorithm to get as many eyes on your work as possible. As an Etsy U instructor, Etsy Design Award Finalist, and top 1% seller who frequents Etsy marketing opportunities, Nicole specializes in Etsy branding, SEO, and marketing to get your products in front of your ideal customer and navigate the vast sea of products on Etsy. She will speak to specific questions including listing and shop audits and how to create listings that catch the eye of Etsy staff and members of the media. This masterclass is for all experience levels with Etsy. For those not on the platform, the benefits why you should be using Etsy will be shared which might just change your mind.


Wednesday, May 1 - 10:00-11:00am

Cultivating Media Relationships: How to Build a Media List and Land Press Opportunities

Be the boss of your own PR by growing long-term relationships with the media. In this class, You’ll learn how to go about building your own media list, and how to craft your story to land publicity effectively, efficiently, and confidently. Networking and connecting with members of the media is a slow burn, but when done correctly, provides value for the writers you would like to work with resulting in earned press for you. Learn how to find contact information, what research you need to do before starting a relationship, and where to look for calls for product roundups and expert advice. Whether you are just getting started with PR or want to level up and fine-tune your pitch + build relationships, you will leave with actionable steps to immediately implement towards successfully landing earned press!


Tuesday, March 19 - 12:30-2:30pm
Ask An Expert: Etsy AMA
As an Etsy U Instructor (SEO, Branding, & marketing), Nicole Lewis, can answer questions about Etsy’s best practices, and for shop owners looking for tips to improve. Nicole will also answer questions about Etsy’s affiliate program & how to partner with Etsy for future opportunities on the influencer side. With over $1M in Etsy sales and 16+ years on the platform, Nicole Lewis has proven success in these practices through multiple awards, speaker invites, panels, Etsy U classes, & press opportunities as both a product & expert.
Discounted ticket to Alt Summit 2024. Altitude Summit 2023 speaker, Nicole Lewis of crayon shop Art 2 the Extreme will speak as an Etsy Expert and on the topics of DIY PR

Monday, March 13 - 3:00-4:30pm
Ask an Etsy Expert

Chat one-on-one with Nicole Lewis about all things Etsy. As an Etsy U instructor, and top 1% seller who frequents Etsy marketing opportunities, Nicole specializes in Etsy branding, SEO, and marketing to get your products in front of your ideal customer. She can speak to specific questions including listing and shop audits, best practices, how to create listings that catch the eye of Etsy staff and members of the media.

Wednesday, March 15 - 9:15-10:00am & 10:15-11:00am
Cultivating Media Relationships: How to Build a Media List and Land Press Opportunities
In addition to the first steps of building a media list, attendees will also learn:
-How to find contact information for members of the media.
-Where to find calls for product roundups and expert advice.
-What research needs to be done before starting a relationship with an editor, blogger, member of the media you want to work with.
-How to provide VALUE for the publication, organization, or writer you want to work with.
-Best practices in communication and followups to land your overall media goal and keep the relationship going.

-What to do after you land press.

Past Etsy Up and Etsy U Workshops

Etsy Up: Holiday Edition - Watch the Replay
Etsy specialist Nicole Lewis speaks at Etsy Up: Holiday Edition, Etsy Trends and Holiday Marketplace Insights
Watch the replay for more tips on how to incorporate trends into your business strategy for the holidays. 

Listen to Etsy sellers and Etsy SEO experts like myself share insights and tips on how to prepare your shop for the upcoming holiday season.

How to get press for your handmade business
Success in the Press: How to get Press & Media Coverage for your Business
Etsy U Branding Workshop, how to sell on Etsy
BRANDING 101: A Beginners Guide to Branding Your Shop



Pick my Brain - Schedule a one on one with Nicole Lewis
 Looking for an Etsy expert? Have a quick question to ask? Do you need an Etsy shop audit? Want to learn more about collaboration, branding, or getting press for your business?  Schedule a time to chat with Etsy SEO expert, Nicole via phone (if within the US) or Zoom.  
This is my version of "Can I buy you a up of coffee?" when other makers want to meet up with me to pick my brain. 
Meet Founder Nicole Lewis of Art 2 the Extreme
Nicole Lewis - Founder of Art 2 the Extreme  - rainbow crayon gifts for kids and etsy seo expert.

Since 2007, Nicole Lewis has made her colorful mark on the world of art supplies and children’s gifts through her playful collection of Original Rainbow Crayons®. Her rainbow crayon designs not only provides a unique gift for any occasion, but takes a creative approach to the fun and functionality of traditional crayons.

Nicole Lewis, etsy seo expert, pours handmade rainbow crayons - Art 2 the Extreme

Before devoting her work full-time to her custom multicolored crayon business, Nicole drew inspiration for her specialty crayons from her 15+ years of expertise in the arts, with 10 of those years as an Elementary Art teacher. Not only did Nicole teach visual arts from a cart with the extra challenge of going from classroom to classroom, but also saw a need for adaptive art supplies for her differently-abled students needing an easier way to hold a crayon.


Kids Party Favors and Gift Ideas: Name Crayons

Nicole has set the standard on the handmade product site, Etsy. In 2020, her colorful rainbow crayons placed top 10 in the Kids Category Etsy Design Awards out of 5 million Etsy shops. In 2022, her family-run business was featured in the Etsy Quit Your Day Job series. You can watch Nicole on camera sharing her founder story and a peek behind the scenes in Etsy’s Meet the Maker series on YouTube. 


The high quality rainbow crayon letters and shapes have captured media attention for years. Her rainbow crayons have been featured in major publications such as Food Network Magazine, Real Simple, Buzzfeed, Midwest Living, Good Housekeeping, US Weekly, and People.

Nicole Lewis, etsy seo expert, artist of Art 2 the Extreme - Crayon shop for Rainbow Crayons
Art 2 the Extreme : The Original Rainbow Crayon Shop - Rainbow crayon gifts for kids

Art 2 the Extreme specializes in customized and personalized crayon design for your gifting needs. Our Original Rainbow Crayons® are multicolored, uniquely shaped crayons that encourage creative thinking and imaginative making outside the traditional crayon box.

Our rainbow crayons empower people with different abilities and ideas. It's something we think about in having multiple ways to grip the crayons and chunkier shapes that aren’t going to roll off the table. Original Rainbow Crayons are also durable, which is nice as a parent or educator, so you’re not constantly having to sharpen them or buy a new set.


Original Rainbow Crayon gifts for kids - Rainbow Crayon Ideas for kids
Check out our best-selling personalized name crayon sets for a fun, customized option. 
Art 2 the Extreme As Seen In, Rainbow Crayon press in the media, Nicole Lewis 

Discover Art2theExtreme on Social Media, Connect with Nicole Lewis 

Art2theextreme on InstagramArt2theextreme on FacebookArt2theextreme on TikTokArt 2 the Extreme on PinterestArt 2 the Extreme on TwitterNicole Lewis Art 2 the Extreme on LinkedInEmail Nicole Lewis of Art 2 the Extreme - Crayon Shop rainbow crayonsWatch Art 2 the Extreme on their  rainbow crayon YouTube Channel