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Personalized rainbow crayons are the perfect, custom crayons that allow you to... 

Women smiling in a lime green shirt and rainbow skirt that looks like a color wheel skirt. Rainbow crayon artist, Nicole Lewis, is standing outside on a pink wall and wears a purple crayon bow in her hair with day the crayons quit earrings.

Meet the Crayon Maker

Nicole Lewis, drew inspiration for her specialty rainbow crayons from her extensive background in the arts, including over 25 years of expertise and a decade of dedicated service as an Elementary Art teacher. Teaching visual arts from a cart and navigating the unique challenge of moving from classroom to classroom, Nicole developed a keen understanding of the diverse needs of her students. This experience highlighted the necessity for adaptive art supplies, particularly for her differently-abled students who required easier-to-hold crayons. Nicole's innovative designs are a testament to her commitment to inclusivity and her passion for fostering creativity in every child. Through Art 2 the Extreme®, she continues to blend her artistic vision with her educational insights, crafting high-quality, accessible art tools that inspire and delight artists of all ages and abilities.

Nicole is a mom of two boys and works together has worked with her husband, “Mr. Crayon”, in their Noblesville, IN studio since 2007. Her award-winning crayon gifts placed among the top 10 best kids gifts in the 2020 Etsy Design Awards, has earned the coveted “Good Thing” seal from Martha Stewart, and was selected by Joanna Gaines for her Magnolia Journal Holiday Gift guide among other features. 

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  • Art 2 the Extreme® creates high-quality, multicolored Original Rainbow Crayons® for your gifting needs. From first marks to fine art doodles and realistic drawings, see what all the buzz is about and why our customers continue coming back for more! Original Rainbow Crayons® are truly the best gifts for kids. Put down those markers and colored pencils. Grab yourself a colorful rainbow crayon gift!

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  • Rainbow crayon gifts for kids have been featured in Magnolia, BuzzFeed, USA Today, and more. Made from Crayola crayons and recycled crayons, make amazing crayon art with Original Rainbow Crayon® party favor for kid. This art style us ultra detailed.

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Artistic Gifts for Art Lovers

At Art 2 the Extreme®, we are dedicated to the creation of art supplies for the young to the young at heart. Our custom crayon services and unique gifts provide vibrant, personalized, and imaginative art tools that inspire creativity and bring joy to every art project. 

Whether you're looking for a special gift for an artist friend or a way to add color to your artistic endeavors, Art 2 the Extreme® offers high-quality, handcrafted crayon products designed to spark inspiration and celebrate the magic of art.

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  • Artist original, master crayon artist review of custom crayons. Customer review of artist crayons,
  • Melted crayons that spell the name JASON. Art 2 the Extreme is home of rainbow crayons, a perfect artist crayons for kids. Nicole Lewis is the artist original of rainbow crayon art and is a master crayon artist, not ai art generators.
  • Customer reviews for Original Rainbow Crayon gift.
  • Rainbow Crayon purse by Art 2 the Extreme, Crayon shop specializing in custom crayon. Design your own crayons and make amazing crayon art with rainbow crayon artist crayons. extreme com
Girl holding a personalized name crayon set that spells MAYA in  rainbow crayon colors. The background is pink. This customized crayon gift is a perfect easter gift for little girls.

Graduation Gift Ideas For Kids 2024

If you are searching for graduation gift ideas for grandkids, preschool, kindergarten, or artists young and young at heart, search the Art 2 the Extreme® gift guides for the latest in gifts for kids and personalized gifts for grads!

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Build fine motor skills through beautiful rainbow crayon art!

At, we value imaginative play with educational toys. Through free play and rainbows made with crayons, we believe your child can build skills and share their extreme gifts with the world. Let our colorful crayons show off your personality!

Seven bags of rainbow rock crayon rock favors. This crayon designs on the front of the bag say "You ROCK' in rainbow letters with the Original Rainbow Crayon logo underneath. Each off-white bag of crayon rocks have 7 min rock crayons laid out for display on a white background. This image is from photographer Qiana K Photography and not an ai artwork or ai art generator art. Everything is handmade by crayon artist, Nicole Lewis.

Party Favors that Are Not Junk!

Art 2 the Extreme® specializes in custom crayon designs for your party favor needs. Kids party favors often end up being filled with sugar and cheap plastic items that are promptly thrown away. 

Send your party guests home with fun and functional custom crayon designs. The Original Rainbow Crayon® has your science party favors, rock climbing party favors, and art party favors that will be the unique gift of the party!

Party Favor Crayon Designs

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