Create Your Own Custom Crayon

Custom Design Work

Create your own Custom Crayon! The Art 2 the Extreme® Studio specializes in name crayons, crayon design, custom mold creations!

Let Art 2 the Extreme® create a monogram crayon favor for your upcoming wedding, business logo on a custom crayon for promotional items, or bring your crayon design ideas to life to celebrate a special day or event. Custom crayon swag for your conference, party, or event is a fun and functional favor that won't get tossed in the trash! Art 2 the Extreme® can create a custom Original Rainbow Crayon® to fit your custom crayon design needs!

Please reach out directly to Nicole at with the following information:

  • Name or company
  • Custom crayon project request/idea
  • Project completion date or event date 
  • Estimated number of custom crayons needed

If you have a .jpg or .png file in black and white for us to review, please email to as well.

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