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Giant Letters - Oversized Crayon Letters

Giant Letters - Oversized Crayon Letters

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Looking for huge letters that are actually huge crayons? Oversized crayons in the shape of giant letters are a unique gift idea for back to school! Whether you're looking for a unique teacher appreciation gift, a personalized graduation present, a first birthday photo prop, or just a fun addition to your own decor, these custom crayon letters are sure to make a statement.

Oversized rainbow crayon letters can also be customized with the rainbow colors of your choice, making them a truly one-of-a-kind piece of decor. They're perfect for adding a personal touch to your home or office as crayon art, or for giving as a thoughtful and personalized gift to your favorite teacher or artist.

Fun and functional, these high-quality crayons are a great photo prop for the first day of school, cake topper for your next party, or a fun birthday surprise for a first birthday gift. You can even set this crayon letter on a shelf as decor to add a pop of color to a room. Each letter is handcrafted with care, using high-quality crayons in a rainbow of vibrant colors. The result is a stunning piece of crayon letter art that's as beautiful as it is functional. These custom crayon letters for teachers make a great way to show your appreciation for all that they do, while also adding a touch of fun and color to their classroom. Create teacher initials in crayon as a fun holiday gift! 

These big letters are great for a single letter crayon or get multiple and make initials to use for parties, weddings, graduation decor, baby showers and other specials events. Oversized crayons are a fun and functional kids crayon gift that brings that WOW factor to your gifting. 

Use the drop-down to choose your individual letter and main color pattern choice. Colors will vary from photos, but we love working with requests you can leave in the notes section at checkout.

Item Details:

-Individual crayon letters measure approximately 4-5" in width for most letters (some letters such as a large letter M will be closer to 6" and a large letter I smaller, around 1.5") and 1-1.25" in depth. See the letter N being held in an adult hand in the listing photos or next to general school supplies (the giant letter A) for scale.

-Colors for rainbow crayons will vary. Please click though photos to see the range of our work. Arrangement of color combinations will differ from letter to letter with variations of darks and lights. We do our best to accommodate crayon color requests, so please include a note if there is a specific request.

Fun shaped crayons encourage kids to explore their creativity! Wanting small letter crayons? Check out Art 2 the Extreme's personalized crayon gift sets for kids.

Details About OUr Rainbow Crayons

We use new and old crayons to make all of our rainbow crayons.

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