Easter gift ideas for kids, includes 10 non-candy Easter present ideas for kids to put in their basket

Candy-Free Easter Present Ideas for Kids That Will Make Them Hop For Joy

Best Easter Gifts, 2024 Easter gift guide from Art 2 the Extreme, 10 Easter Gift ideas for kids including crayons, chalk, earrings, watercolor paint kit, and more

Easter is just around the corner and you know what that means — time to hop into action and find the best Easter gifts for our little ones. From stuffing those baskets with goodies to planning the ultimate Easter Egg Hunt, it’s all about creating magical moments.

What goes into an Easter gift basket? From cute Easter gifts for the grandchildren to colorful and creative Spring craft ideas for kids, lets chat about Easter Basket fillers, Easter Bunny Crayons, and candy-free Easter gifts for kids that won’t break the bank or immediately get thrown in the trash (less junk and more fun!). I'm mixing mom-mode with business savvy to nail this Easter gifting game this year! 

Best Easter Gifts for the Creative Child

Explore the perfect Easter gift ideas for kids who love to explore their artistic and creative side! As a mom of two boys, I personally love Easter basket stuffers that are not only fun, but functional! 

Easter present ideas for kids, Personalized Name Crayon Easter Basket Stuffers from crayon shop Art 2 the Extreme

Of course you know that I will always include a personalized name crayon set from Art 2 the Extreme® . If you know an artist that is 1 or 101, a personalized crayon set is a unique gift idea to not only add personalization to their Easter Basket, but a fun way to add some color.


Crayon Stix, Original Rainbow Crayon gift for Easter present idea from crayon shop Art 2 the Extreme. Oversized crayons in multicolors for kids.


These letter crayons from our handmade crayon shop are multicolored crayons that are perfect for little hands and last a long time. We do suggest the crayon letters for ages 3 and up, but if you want an oversized crayon for a child younger than three, I totally suggest the Art 2 the Extreme® Rainbow Crayon Stix® or Mini Easter Bunny Rainbow Crayons.  These shaped crayons are sturdy and won’t roll off a table! 


Paint with Watercolor Book Bookmark gift for kids, text says Easter Basket Gift Ideas, non-candy ideas from Art 2 the Extreme


My Crayon Crew loves to travel and eat out, so I am always looking for ways to entertain kids on an airplane or at a restaurant.  In addition to Art2theExtreme Crayon Stix® in my bag, I always keep a pad of MiDeer Pocket Watercolor Painting Book Kits. My boys love making DIY bookmarks and this cute watercolor painting activity turns into a bookmark-sized piece of art. It comes with a brush and a panel of watercolors on the side, so all you need is a small glass of water and you are good to go (and easy to clean up. These watercolor book kits for toddlers and kids is currently on sale and has an extra coupon on Amazon! 

Easter Chalk Eggs from handmade chalk company TWEE Chalk.  Easter shaped chalk for Easter basket Ideas.

We cannot have enough sidewalk chalk at our house! My boys use up the colorful chalk like there is no tomorrow, so I will be including unique shaped sidewalk chalk from my small business friends at TWEE ! From out of this world planet-shaped chalk to colorful Easter eggs, TWEE is also hand designed (like Art 2 the Extreme!) in Philadelphia, PA and the leading handmade maker of custom and shaped chalk design! 


Easter Gifts for Kids That are Adorable

Slumberkins is my absolute FAVORITE gift to give at every baby shower I attend. My boys always receive at least one Slumberkin friend each holiday to add to their collection. As a former teacher, I love the social and emotional skill component to every creature and story they create. I have known founders, Kelly Oriard and Callie Christiansen, since before their Shark Tank days and have had the unique opportunity to watch their beautiful company grow over the years. I love that their backgrounds in Special Education, Elementary Education, Family Therapy, and being a School Councilor have played such a huge roll in product development for the Slumberkins brand. Did I mention that they have a TV SHOW with the Jim Henson Company on Apple Plus TV?!?! 


Dragon Egg Easter Gift from Slumberkins, Slumberkins Easter Collection, Amazon


Anyways…. I absolutely love their Easter collection of Slumberkins and the special minis that fit into the large dragon eggs! This Easter collection for kids promotes creativity, curiosity, connection and mindfulness, a thoughtful gift for someone looking to go beyond candy for Easter.

Easter basket treat bag in the shape of a carrot. Orange and green fabric party favor bag with tie for Easter, Madly Wish

If you need an adorable way to wrap your Easter Basket gift ideas, check out this personalized Easter treat bag from my friends at Madly Wish. Most everything can be embroidered and customized, make this a perfect way to combine personalization with a gift that can be reused over and over to hide Easter egg goodies in! 

Easter Gifts for the Fashionista 

hand holding pastel earrings with rainbow poms from Earring Shop Oh So Jo Designs on Etsy

Earrings are a must when I am out and about. I love the statement they make and of course I wear rainbows or art supplies. My Easter basket pick for the teen or child that loves to wear earrings is this Rainbow Pom Earring set by Oh So Jo Designs. I love that the colorful rainbow poms look like little Easter eggs or easter candy. 

Pink bunny slippers for babies, toddlers, and kids. Shop Easter bunny slippers on Amazon

Everyone needs a pair of bunny slippers at some point in their life. Here is my pick for the littlest of feet. I love the colorful floral patterns in the ears and I love the muted pink, cream, grey, and brown colors that match a traditional Easter palette.

Car carrier fanny pack for boys, two wooden cars next to a fanny pack that has a road scene printed in color on it,  toddler car storage ideas for kids

As a mom of two boys, we have cars everywhere. My favorite shop for all things toy car storage ideas is SOHandmade. This zip fanny pack for toddlers is perfect for a toy car collector on the go! The belt is adjustable, making this portable car carrier toy easy to grow with and functional for travel.

Easter Gifts For Peep Lovers

5 colored Peep bunny soaps in a white bunny Easter dish, Pastel bunny soap is from soap company Sunbasil Soap on Amazon, Text says Easter basket gift ideas: non-candy gifts ideas from Art 2 the Extreme

Sunbasil Soap has been a long-time maker friend of mine from the early days of Etsy. I love their fun shapes and bright colors, but most of all the small is AMAZING! This Pastel Bunny Easter Soap is my go-to for not only easter basket stuffer ideas, but also to keep in my own bathroom around the Easter holiday. 


What new Easter craft activity am I trying with my family this Easter season?

I love creative ways to dye Easter eggs. Some of our past techniques include shaving cream Easter eggs and DIY silk tie dying Easter eggs. If you are looking for a fun and mess-free egg decorating idea, my Mini Crayon Crew will be trying out the Eggmazing Easter Edd Decorator. This innovative gadget is a game-changer for Easter festivities, offing a mess-free way to dye Easter eggs in seconds. Best of all, toddlers can use this Easter egg decorator kit without the hassle of messy dyes and cracked shells. Whether you are hosting an Easter egg decorating party or simply looking for a fun activity to do with the family, the Eggmazing Easter Egg Decorator sounds pretty EGG-cellent and is sure to be a bit with my boys! 


What are some creative Easter present alternatives to fill plastic Easter eggs besides candy?

While candy is a classic choice for filling Easter eggs, there are plenty of alternative options that can make your Easter egg hunt unique, more exciting, and diverse. I personally love filling our plastic eggs with custom tattoos made by artists on Etsy, custom stickers I have created from my own child’s artwork, beads to make bracelets from, and of course rainbow crayons!

Easter prizes for kids, Wooden coins for rewards to hide in plastic eggs, engraved wooden bunny coins from Etsy

I also hand-write rewards on wooden coins for the boys such as, “stay up 10 minutes late, pick a treat from McDonalds, lunch date with mom, etc.” If you want a more formal looking coin, there are a ton of handmade sellers on Etsy that have wooden coins with prizes laser-engraved on them that are ready to shop! 


Shop Personalized Easter Gifts and Easter Craft Ideas with Art 2 the Extreme

Lastly, If you are looking for that unique and personalized touch for your baskets this Easter season, please take a moment to explore and shop the Art 2 the Extreme® Rainbow Crayon Easter Collection for 2024.  Our custom crayons and personalized gift options are a colorful addition to your 2024 Easter basket. Original Rainbow Crayon® gifts not only ignite creativity, but add that personalized touch, making each child’s Easter celebration truly special and memorable.  Might I suggest…

Rainbow Rock Crayons

Crayon rocks from Art 2 the Extreme®, image of beige bag with Rainbow Rock Original Rainbow Crayons logo on outside. Colorful multicolored crayon rock are displayed

Rainbow Rock Crayons from Art 2 the Extreme® come in a ready-to-gift bag of 15 multicolored crayons. Each rainbow rock crayon is handcrafted in a playful variety of multi colors that mix and blend when traveling across the paper. This crayon size is perfect for small hands and children still developing their fine motor skills. As a bonus, they fit perfect in plastic Easter eggs for your Easter egg hunts! 

Personalized Crayons for Kids

Personalized name crayons of NORAH and REAGEN in pastel rainbow colored crayon mix. Each letter has multicolor for the crayon. Boxed crayon set is on a white background with Easter grass around it as a photo prop.

Gift the perfect, personalized Easter gift with Art 2 the Extreme’s unique selection of personalized crayon sets, tailored to delight young artists. As a colorful addition to Easter baskets for 2024, these custom crayons not only ignite creativity by offer a personalized touch for the Easter season. 

Each crayon letter is easy to hold and features an array of bright colors, which blend together in endless combinations as you create your masterpiece. Choose from a variety of rainbow crayon options, each customizable with the child's name, initials, or a special word. 


Shop All Easter Present Ideas For Kids

10 Easter present ideas for kids, includes images of name crayons, bunny skippers, chalk, earrings, Slumberkins, and watercolor coloring books for kids
1. Personalized Name Crayons from Art 2 the Extreme®
2. Easter Egg Chalk from TWEE Made
3. Easter Bunny Slippers for Kids
4. Car Carrier Fanny Pack Toy Storage for Boys
5. Easter Bunny Crayons from Art 2 the Extreme®
6. Carrot Easter Treat Holder from Madly Wish
7. Watercolor Coloring Books for Kids
8. Peep Easter Soap from Sunbasil Soap
9. Pastel Pom Earrings from Oh So Jo Designs
10. Slumberkins Easter Collection


6 Top Crayola art and craft products for Easter Basket ideas for kids. Crayons, chalk, coloring book, animal play set, markers, and more
1. Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Glow Lagoon Pets
2. Special Effects Crayon Set
3. Crayola Chalk
4. Epic Book of Awesome Coloring Book
5. Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Markers (40 Count)
6. Color Wonder Mess Free Deluxe Scented Stamper Kit

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