Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Kids, top 10 non-candy gift ideas for Easter

10 Best Kids Gifts for Easter (That Aren't Candy!)

10 of the Best Kids Gifts for Easter (That Aren’t Candy!)

When you are shopping for an Easter gift for teens, big kids, toddlers, or even Easter gifts for babies, there are so many trendy toys and Easter gifts that will make this the best Easter holiday ever. As a mom and CEO, I prefer toys and treats that provide opportunities for open-ended play and gift ideas that are going to last well beyond Easter Day play. Anyone that is familiar with my story and background with Art 2 the Extreme ®, knows that I am a huge advocate and supporter for shopping small and handmade whenever possible. Here are my top Easter gift ideas for littles in 2022:
Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Kids and Toddlers - Easter Gift from Rainbow Crayon Shop Art 2 the Extreme®
1. Slumberkins Self-Esteem Gift Basket for Easter
2. Colorful Flower Statement Earrings by Jill Makes
3.Kitty Fanny Pack for Kids by LoveLane 
4. Bunny's 6 Eggs Chalk by TWEEMade
5. Easter Bunny Rainbow Crayon by Art 2 the Extreme
6. Easter Bunny Wooden Push Toy by Bannor Toys
7.Floral and Bee Boho Baby Blanket by Oliver+Kit
8. Easter Play Dough Gift Set by ZDough
9.Peep Inspired Soap Set from Sunbasilgarden Soap
10. Personalized Rainbow Ribbon Wand from Mouse Loves Pig


Looking for more Easter gift ideas for children? What do you put in an Easter basket for Kids?

My boys love candy —doesn’t every child? Before deciding what should go into your children’s Easter Basket, consider the type of gift you would like to give.  Are you looking for an Easter gift that can be used for all seasons or at least into summer, or are you searching specifically for an Easter-themed gift?

Rainbow Crayon Easter Basket Gift Idea - Rainbow Crayon Shop Easter  Gifts for kids

Shopping for Easter ideas for grandchildren? What can I send my grandchildren for Easter? 

 As a mom, I absolutely love the unique gift ideas that family and grandparents gift to my children. I specifically love Easter gifts that are not a one-time use and LOVE experience gifts, but if you are looking for the perfect Easter gift that will be the “standout” and also support an independent maker or small business, here are 5 of my favorite small shops and brands to shop for Easter gift ideas for kids.

1. Lovelane Designs

Their playful kids costumes, superhero capes, and adorable accessories are high-quality and long-lasting. These can easily withstand years and years of creative play and be passed down to littles to come. 

 2. Mouse Loves Pig

This is my go to shop for kids travel entertainment ideas, baby shower gift ideas, and open-ended play. My boys love the rainbow ribbon wands and the themed pretend play sets. Personalization is a fun, added bonus! 

3. Punch of Color

If you are looking for unique party favors that are also a fun kids arts and crafts activity, Punch of Color creates colorful sun catcher DIY kits that can be purchased individually or in party packs for favors or class gifts. The sun catcher kits come with everything you need + instructions. I reuse the finished kids artwork as holiday decorations and add to our art decor collection each year! 

 4. Young Wild and Friedman

Let their imagination run wild with open play, screen-free sensory kits. I absolutely LOVE the founder story and journey of Julie Friedman and have been a supporter of her sensory dough kits since the beginning. She is the original creative behind the sensory dough kits and you can find a theme for almost any occasion when shopping for toddler gift ideas or kids birthday gifts. 

 5. Make Bake

If you love to decorate cookies, cupcakes, and cakes with kids, Make Bake is a fun addition to your Easter decorations and Easter baking supplies. Make Bake is home to Stickies®, an edible decorating sticker (and actually tastes good). Now creating themed easter cupcakes and cookies is a little easier with littles decorating them with the use of their beautiful, edible stickers. I guess this recommendation borders “candy”, but I look at this more of an experience type of gift where families can bake and decorate with their kids in a safe and fun way!

Looking rainbow crayon Easter gift ideas for toddlers and kids Easter baskets?

Art 2 the Extreme specializes in customized and personalized crayon gifts for Easter baskets. Are you wondering what can I put inside plastic Easter eggs that are not candy? Our rainbow crayon gifts make the perfect Easter basket filler for kids of all ages and many rainbow crayon shapes fit perfectly inside plastic Easter eggs.  We suggest the Bunny Bundle for a fun display of color in your Easter Basket presentation.

Best-selling bunny bunny rainbow crayon gift - the Original Rainbow Crayon shop

What can I put inside plastic Easter eggs other than candy?

We suggest our best-selling rock rainbow crayons for kids! 

rainbow crayon rocks for Easter Basket ideas
Another great idea for plastic Easter egg fillers are our Mini Bunnies rainbow crayons. These can be purchased in bulk or as a personalized set to stuff your Easter baskets. 
Our rainbow crayon shop is best known for our personalized name crayon sets and are our best-selling rainbow crayon gift that Art 2 the Extreme has to offer for your Easter Basket ideas. 
Easter bunny gift idea for kids Easter Baskets - Rainbow Crayon Shop
Lastly, if you are looking for a fun rainbow crayon gift to add to your Easter arts and crafts activities for kids, Art 2 the Extreme creates Bunny Scribbler Rainbow Crayons that are perfect for texture rubbing art projects with kids.
Shop Rainbow Crayon Easter Gifts for kids from Art 2 the Extreme - Easter Bunny Single Crayon
Shop Rainbow Crayon Easter Gifts for kids from Art 2 the Extreme - Easter Bunny Single Crayon
Hoppy Easter from Art 2 the Extreme®, your rainbow crayon shop headquarters for Easter Gifts! 
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