Earth Day Rainbow Crayons, three recycled love Earth Day crayons from Art2theextreme Crayon Shop

Earth Day Activities and Earth Day Printables for Kids

Earth Day Activities and Printable Downloads for Kids

This Earth Day, get your kids involved in the celebration with these fun earth day printables. From coloring pages to puzzles and games, these Earth Day activities will keep your kids engaged and excited about helping to take care of our planet.

Plus, they'll have a blast learning about the importance of Earth Day and what they can do to make a difference. 

Earth Day Original Rainbow Crayons - 3 Recycled Love Rainbow Crayons in Earth Tones

So round up the kids and get ready to celebrate Earth Day with these Earth Day printables.

You can grab our FREE Earth Day printables HERE and purchase the full, 10-page Earth Day activity book with additional Earth Day coloring sheets and Earth Day Activities HERE in our Etsy shop. 


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Free Earth Day Printable Worksheets and Activities!


If you are looking for a rainbow crayon style that is earthy and made from our extra Earth Day type colors, check our Recycled Love Original Rainbow Crayon® selection or order in bulk for your next birthday party or class favor need! 


Two Earth Day Original Rainbow Crayons, Earth Day Recycled Love Rainbow Crayon in earthy tones by Art 2 the Extreme



Earth day is a special day to celebrate our planet and all it does for us.

It’s a day to learn about ways we can take care of the earth and to have fun doing it! Here are some Earth Day activities for kids that are sure to be a hit. 

Start the day off by making Earth Day crafts together. You can make Earth balls out of paper mache, or recycled bottles into vases.

Get creative and let the kids use their imaginations! 

After you’ve made some earth day decorations, head outside for an Earth Day nature walk.

Look for animals, listen to the birds, and smell the flowers. Have the kids collect leaves and stones to take home with them. 

 And no Earth Day would be complete without a little bit of learning.

Teach the kids about recycling, composting, and energy conservation. You can even talk about ways to save water and reduce pollution.

Helping kids understand why it’s important to protect our planet is one of the best things you can do on Earth Day!

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