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Art 2 the Extreme® - The Original Rainbow Crayon®

Earth Day Recycled Love Crayons | "Recycled Crayons with sustainability in mind!"

Earth Day Recycled Love Crayons | "Recycled Crayons with sustainability in mind!"

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Earth Day Recycled Crayons

Earth Day is one of the best days to use recycled crayons and learn about ways you can reuse old crayons, reduce the amount of new crayons you purchase, and support recycling by purchasing a "Recycled Love" Original Rainbow Crayon® that is made from only our extra crayons that need upcycled. In the Art 2 the Extreme® studio, we create brightly-colored handmade crayons, but what happens to the crayons that might look a little darker, but still color super bright? We use those extra "earthy" colors to create two styles of our Recycled Love Original Rainbow Crayons®. 

These crayons are not only a fun addition to any party favors for a garbage truck party or trash truck party, but they also promote sustainability and environmental consciousness. Each crayon is made from a combination of recycled crayons, making them a truly unique and colorful addition to your child's art supplies.

Earth Day Recycled Crayons are a perfect way to incorporate Earth Day activities involving recycled arts and crafts projects for children. This oversized crayon will come in an earthy, multicolored mix, perfect for texture rubbings or to use as party favors for Earth Day activities, garbage truck birthday parties, or birthday parties with a recycling theme. 

What can you do for an Earth Day project with recycled crayons?

From coloring books to texture rubbings, there are endless ways to use our multicolored, recycled crayons for your next art activity for kids or Earth Day activity for kids. Looking for free Earth Day word searches and coloring sheets? Visit our instant download printable options

Earth Day Recycled Love Original Rainbow Crayon® scribblers come individually packaged in two styles and individually shrink-wrapped for easy gifting.

PLEASE NOTE: This style of crayon is created with intention to recycle and reuse darker, earthier colors we have in our studio to reduce waste and give these crayons a new life.  Colors received will color on the brighter end just as they would from a crayon box, but may vary in darkness of overall presentation. Colors used include browns, maroons, dark reds, various shades of blues and greens, copper, grey, and an occasional black or purple thrown in. Each crayon will vary from photos and combination of earthy colors. 


-Individually packaged

-Shrink-wrapped for safe shipping

-Individual Recycle Symbol measures approx. 2.5" wide and .5" deep
-Individual Dispose Trash Symbol measures approx. 3" x 2.5" x .5"deep

Original Rainbow Crayons® are handcrafted in the USA and made from recycled, premium brand crayons with no other added (non-crayon) ingredients.

Colors will vary due to the handmade nature and melting process of the crayons.

Always supervise children while playing and coloring.

Visit the Art 2 the Extreme®  Earth Day Activities and Earth Day Ideas page for free resources to pair with your Earth Day Love Original Rainbow Crayon® gifts. 

Details About OUr Rainbow Crayons

We use new and old crayons to make all of our rainbow crayons.

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