Harold and the Purple Crayon outfit for red carpet premiere of the film. Art 2 the Extreme founder, Nicole Lewis, is wearing a solid purple dress with one strap and holding a purple crayon in her hand.

Harold and the Purple Crayon Movie

The Harold and the Purple Crayon movie is coming …. Finally! The Queen of Crayons gets to celebrate a movie about not only crayons, but my favorite color of crayon, purple! 

If you are making guesses about crayon books, I bet you have already guessed the correct answer to what favorite childhood book is coming to the big screen. Yes, the Harold and the Purple Crayon movie is headed to the big screen in August 2024, and this former art teacher turned crayon artist has been waiting for months and months for a movie release update and now we have a trailer and a poster for the Harold movie. 

Harold and the Purple Crayon outfit inspiration from crayon artist, Nicole Lewis. Nicole wears a purple dress with one strap and is holding an oversized, purple crayon

Harold and the Purple Crayon Movie Release Date

The Harold and the Purple Crayon movie, scheduled to be released in theaters on August 2, 2024, was originally scheduled to be released on January 27, 2023 and then pushed to June 30, 2023. With the multiple pushbacks I have decided to look on the bright side of the delay. The newest release date for this crayon movie in August of 2024 gives me more time to plan my purple outfit for the red carpet premier for the film, which I am manifesting an attendance (so if anyone with connections at Sony Pictures can connect me, you will be my most favorite person ever and receive Original Rainbow Crayon® gifts for life). The Harold Movie poster preview and the movie trailer was released in late March of 2024. Since this is only the first trailer for the film, I cannot wait to see the next!

The Story of Harold and the Purple Crayon

Are you ready to embark on a magical journey into the world of imagination and creativity?  Well hold on to your seats because the  Harold and the Purple Crayon movie is hitting the big screens in August 2024 and it promises to be a chaotic and creative adventure you won’t want to miss!

If you are not already familiar with the lovable Harold and his enchanted crayon, let the Crayon Queen fill you in on this delightful tale.  Based on the beloved children’s book by Crockett Johnson (which I still own my original copy of), Harold and the Purple Crayon follows the escapades of a young boy all grown up, Harold who, armed with nothing but a trusty purple crayon, sets off on an incredible adventure in a world of his own making. 

Now, if you are wondering how on Earth a crayon can lead to such an exciting adventure, you are in for a treat. Harold’s purple crayon is not your tun-of-the-mill coloring tool. This crayon is a magical instrument that brings to life whatever Harold imagines. Talk about the ultimate artistic superpower! I am pretty sure I would be drawing up my own airplane for traveling to the beach to extra hands on my body to be able to create and ship out my rainbow crayon gifts even faster around the holidays. The possibilities would be endless if I had a magical purple crayon of my own!

Harold and the Purple Crayon movie promises to be a feast for the eyes. I am imagining vibrant landscapes, quirky characters, and all sorts of unexpected twists and turns, all created right before my very eyes, courtesy of Harold’s boundless creativity. Whether he is drawing a fantastic forest or a soaring spaceship, you can bet this movie will be a visual spectacle that will leave us in awe. 

What makes the book (and hopefully the movie) Harold and the Purple Crayon truly special is its heartwarming message about the power of imagination. In a world that often feels fast-paced and overwhelming, Harold’s story is a gentle reminder that sometimes all you need is a dash of creativity and a lot of heart to turn any situation around. 

About Harold and the Purple Crayon Movie Cast 

I am SO excited for the casting choices for the Harold and the Purple Crayon Movie and in my own opinion, they are as exciting as they come.  I am not quite sure what role each actor or actress will play at this point, but I am most excited for Zooey Deschanel to be a part of this colorful crayon movie. I loved her in Elf and I have seen every episode of New Girl. One could hope that the producers will take advantage of her amazing voice and include a song or two sung by Zooey. My husband, you all call him Mr. Crayon, and I have been watching Zachary Levi on TV and the big screen ever since we started dating.  Chuck was THE show Mr. Crayon and I would watch together each week. I still love watching reruns and I am excited to see what type of role Zachary Levi will play in Harold and the Purple Crayon when it debuts in August 2024. 

Cast of Harold and the Purple Crayon Movie, Zooey Deschanel and Zachary Levi

Harold and the Purple Crayon will also feature the on-screen talents of Lil Red Howery, Ravi Patel, Camille Guaty, Tanya Reynolds, and Pete Gardner. 


More About Harold and the Purple Crayon Movie History

The film, Harold and the Purple Crayon, has had a long journey getting to the big screen (and I am not just talking about the multiple pushbacks to the release date). In the early 90s, there were possibilities of a live-action of Harold being made and script was brought to Henry Selick, but he instead moved on to James and the Giant Peach for Walt Disney Pictures instead.  There was another possibility of this film being made around 2010 and again in 2016, but it wasn’t until about 2021 where potential cast member names began floating around. In early 2022, the live-action filming began in Atlanta Georgia, but very little is know about the actual plot or what role the actors and actresses will play in Harold and the Purple Crayon.  

Up until now, you could only watch Harold and the Purple Crayon on Apple TV, Amazon Video, or Google Play movies as a cartoon version for littles, so a live-action movie will really tug at the heartstrings of kids of the 80s and 90s that grew up reading this classic story over and over and over. 

An Oversized purple crayon is being held that says the color name, PURPLE, engraved on the crayon

As a parent myself, I usually want to know how long a movie is so I can get a feel for timing with my two boys. If you are asking how long is Harold and The Purple Crayon movie, I did read from IMBD that the purple crayon film will have a runtime of 1 hour and 32 minutes. I feel like that is the perfect amount of time to keep kids and families entertained while doing the classic storybook justice. 

Have a Harold and the Purple Crayon Party

With the release date of Harold and the Purple Crayon movie coming in August 2024, I am dying to have a summer, Harold and the Purple Crayon party. I think it would be fun to enlist the help of creative friend and party designer, Kelsey Klos, for all the party planning and decor. I have also put together a quick inspiration board for some purple crayon themed gifts and decor to start the creativity flowing for your very own Harold and the Purple Crayon party! 

 Harold and the Purple Crayon Movie Party Ideas for A Purple Crayon Themed Party

I already own the bow tie by xoelle in a teal color, so a purple bow tie is on my list for the premier! 

You better bet I am getting another pair of Oh So Jo Designs purple crayon earrings. You can find the adorable crochet purple crayon from Etsy as well. 

You can find the purple crayon shirt and the purple crayon holder on Amazon

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If you don't already own the copy of Harold and the Purple Crayon, you can purchase it from Amazon

Harold and the Purple Crayon Movie Conclusion 

As the release date draws closer (Ha! See what I did there?), the buzz around the Harold and the Purple Crayon film is growing stronger. Fans of the book, much like myself as a crayon artist and former elementary art teacher, are eagerly awaiting the chance to see this beloved story translated into a visual masterpiece. I can only hope that newcomers to this crayon story and cast members are in for a whimsical treat that will capture our hearts. 

Mark your calendars with your favorite shade of purple crayon and get ready to step into a world where the only limit is your imagination. Harold and the purple Crayon film is set to be a cinematic experience that will leave you grinning from eat to ear, and maybe even inspire you to reach for your trusty crayon (Might I suggest our Crayon Stix® Original Rainbow Crayon® set?) to embark on your own colorful adventures. 

Grab your tickets and sketch pads, gather your friends and family, and get ready to be transported into the magical and artistic world of Harold and the Purple Crayon! 

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Harold and the Purple Crayon inspired headshot photo from crayon artist, Nicole Lewis, of Art 2 the Extreme. Nicole wears a one-strap purple dress and is holding a purple crayon.

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