National Crayon Day Free Printable from rainbow crayon artist, Nicole Lewis, of Art 2 the Extreme

National Crayon Day 2022 : Celebrate National Crayon Day with Arts and Craft Ideas + Learning Resources

National Crayon Day 2022 : Incorporate National Crayon Day Activities and Information Into Your Creative Arts and Crafts Ideas 

National Crayon Day is this week and to celebrate this colorful occasion, founder, Nicole Lewis of Art 2 the Extreme, is excited to share a little bit about the holiday dedicated to our favorite colored writing utensils, CRAYONS! From using crayons in her own art education classroom to learning how to melt down and create her own rainbow crayons, founder Nicole Lewis, is certainly the queen of crayons and shares some fun facts about how you can celebrate National Crayon Day below. 

National Crayon Day Ideas from Art 2 the Extreme - Rainbow Crayon Activities

When is National Crayon Day?

National Crayon Day is March 31st each year.


What is National Crayon Day? 
National Crayon Day a day to celebrate the joy of coloring and the creation of crayons.  Since 2006, National Crayon Day has been celebrated around the world. National Crayon Day is also the day that Crayola typically retires old crayon colors and introduces new colors of crayon. As of National Crayon Day 2022, at least 50 colors of Crayola crayons have been retired. 


How can I celebrate National Crayon Day?

From coloring an original work of art to joining a crayon recycling program, there are so many ways to celebrate National Crayon Day. 

Free National Crayon Day Printable activity for kids from rainbow crayon artist Nicole Lewis

What are some National Crayon Day activities?

For 2022, Art 2 the Extreme® will be joining our friends at Crayon Collection to celebrate all things crayon. We will be writing #LettersForChange with our Mini Crayon Crew at home and making a visit to our local TV studio to discuss our partnership with Crayon Collection and teach others ways to recycle crayons at home or in your own community. 

On National Crayon Day, Art 2 the Extreme will also be partnering with our friends at Slumberkins for an awesome giveaway to celebrate creativity and crayons. 

Leading up to National Crayon Day, we encourage you to print off this free coloring page for National Crayon Day. Show off your colorful style and tag @art2theextreme on Instagram for a chance at a $40 shop credit.


How can I get free crayons?

If your school, community, or program is looking for free crayons , art education resources, and lesson plans around National Crayon Day activities, please visit our friends at Crayon Collection for more information about their Color Kindness program. 

Rainbow Crayon Stix® from Art 2 the Extreme - Celebrating National Crayon Day

Where can I find National Crayon Day resources?

Free National Crayon Day Coloring Page

"Letters for Change" Program - Crayon Collection + Penguin Young Readers 

Crayon Activities from Art 2 the Extreme on Instagram Reels

Art Education Resources from Crayon Collection

National Crayon Day 2022 Ideas and Activities from rainbow crayon artist Nicole Lewis

Crayon Facts for National Crayon Day

*One of the top 20 most recognizable scents are the smell of crayons!

*The most popular crayon color is blue (RIP Dandelion). 

*Crayons have been around for almost 120 years. 

*The Crayola brand was born in 1903 with the original eight-count box that sold for 5 cents!

*The term “Crayons” comes from a French word called “Craie” meaning chalk. 

*Crayola produces over 3 BILLION crayons each year, enough to circle the globe about 6 times! 

*The average child will wear down about 730 crayons by their 10th birthday. That is enough boxes to cover an NBA-sized basketball court. 


 Follow Nicole Lewis on Instagram for more rainbow project ideas and ways to celebrate National Crayon Day at school and in your own homes all week! 

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