Back To School Gifts For Kids: Best Gifts For The First Day of School

Back To School Gifts For Kids: Best Gifts For The First Day of School

Summer is gone and it's time for back to school gifts for kids!

Welcome back to a new school year! I cannot believe the 2024-2025 school time will be here before we know it and while many of us will still enjoy summer parties and family vacations, I see in my magical misting crystal ball that busy moms like myself have to start planning back to school activities and school supply trips for kids to prepare for the school year ahead. There are just so many things to get for school !

Our Mini Crayon Crew will start school season the second week of August in 2024 and it feels like we were just creating the end of year gift for kids!

If you are trying to find the cutest and most colorful back to school gifts and school supplies that will rock their first week back, look no further for the perfect gift ! 

Anyone that is familiar with my story and background with Art 2 the Extreme ®, knows that I am a former teacher a huge advocate for shopping small and handmade whenever possible, especially for those unique back to school supplies for kids and teachers so important in a child's life.

Here are my top picks for back to school gifts for kids to start the year off right for back to school 2024 (and don't forget the lunch box)! 

Art2theExtreme Back to School Gift Guide for 2022, The Best School supplies for kids, personalised back to school gifts

Back to School Gift Ideas and School Supplies I am loving for the 2024 School Year:

1. Lunch Bags by WAAMIndustries

2. Crayon Hair Clips - Creations by Corrinna

3. First Day of School Keepsake - Olive and Pip

4. All Things Art T-Shirt - Art Day Designs

5. Spanish Colors Crayon Stix - Art 2 the Extreme

6. Science Rules Enamel Pin - Miranda Dressler

7. Wooden Space Flash Cards - Minisko

8. Wooden Toy Clock - From Jennifer

9. Crayon Earrings - Oh So Jo Desgns

10. Custom Pencils - 85th and Pine

Back to school gifts for younger students

If you are a sentimental parent who loves to document milestones with their family like I am, you will love this printable back to school interview.

This downloadable worksheet includes 14 years worth of worksheets to interview your child about their first day of school that year. Much like our Mother's Day cards and printables, this school year printable is a coloring sheet kids can fill in!

This black and white memory box sheet is an instant printable, so you can use right away and file to bring out at their high school graduation party, making this a great gift for school aged kids.  Keep these sheets in your DIY memory box for kids and use as gifts for kids going to college.

Starting school gift for kids idea:  Interview Instant Download

If you are looking for even more best gifts for elementary students, check out Art 2 the Extreme's additional Back to School Gift Guides for the perfect first day of preschool gift!

What is NEW from Art 2 the Extreme for Back to School 2024?

Young girls will love the oversized crayon letter B, Original Rainbow Crayon Gift for Back to School. This colorful back to school display includes a wooden bus, colorful graphic notebook, handwriting chalkboard in addition to our rainbow crayon.

Back for the 2024-2025 school year are Art 2 the Extreme®'s newest Original Rainbow Crayon® designs that are perfect for first day of kindergarten gifts.

I am so excited about these GIGANTIC crayon letters that are perfect for back to school photo props, decor for a shelf, a first day of kindergarten gift, or even on top of an actual cake for a colorful cake topper.

Oversized large crayon letter D in rainbow crayon colors. Child holds a rainbow crayon letter D that is a large letter D. It is larger than an adult hand and is a fun and functional crayon gift for kids or first day of kindergarten gift.

YES, you can use these large letters as actual crayons, of course, but these oversized letter rainbow crayons can be so much more! 

Spanish Colors Crayon Stix Set, Original Rainbow Crayon Spanish Colors. These items make amazing back to school gifts.

Also new to the Art 2 the Extreme custom crayon shop are the Spanish Crayon Stix® Original Rainbow Crayon® set. These oversized crayons are perfect for fine motor skills and bulk gifts for schools. My kids personally love putting rainbow colored crayons in their pencil case, but other kids might prefer solid colored crayons.

This solid colored crayon set is perfect for teachers, classrooms, or individual school art boxes. You could always save for a Christmas gift as well. These rainbow crayons are perfect because the crayons are sturdy and won't roll off of a table! 


Two children holding Spanish Crayon Stix sets from Art 2 the Extreme in 9 solid colors. Give them as school gifts for the start of school year or to create homemade Mother's Day cards.

We also wanted to take the time to thank Good Housekeeping for including Art 2 the Extreme®'s personalized name crayon sets in their back to school gift guide, 54 Cheap Gifts Under $20 for Everyone On Your List.

As we get closer to school season and holiday season, these gift guides sure come in handy when I shop for my little and we are so appreciative that publications such as Good Housekeeping include small businesses like my custom crayon shop

Art2theExtreme personalized crayons featured in Good Housekeeping. We are happy to provide school gift ideas for the start of the school year and beyond! Mother's Day card ideas shared

What do you get your child for back to school?

There are so many cute back to school ideas for younger kids out there! Here are a few of our favorites:

  • A personalized backpack or lunch box. This is a great way to make your child starting school feel special and ensure that their belongings stand out from the rest.

  • Cute new school supplies. From colorful pens and pencils to fun stickers, there are endless ways to make learning more fun for kids with cool school supplies. School bracelets are a fun way to show off school spirit and personality.

  • A backpack bling kit. Help your child personalize their backpack with edgy patches, badges, and keychains. Tiny stuffed animals make great keychains for backpacks as well. This is a great way to let their personality shine through with first day of school gifts for kids.

What is the best gift for school students?

There are a lot of great gift ideas for older school students, but some of the best ones are the ones that encourage them to learn and keep on top of their studies. Parents especially love first day of Kindergarten gifts! Here are a few ideas:

  • A good book to read for fun and pleasure.

  • A new notebook or set of pens/pencils to help them stay organized.

  • A desk organizer or calendar to help them keep track of their assignments and deadlines.

  • A gift certificate to a nearby bookstore or coffee shop so they can take a break from studying.

  • Something to encourage healthy eating and exercise, like a new water bottle or gym bag.

Is it OK for teachers to give gifts to students?

Teachers often love giving back to school gifts for kids.

A special starting school gift is a great way to inspire learning and encourage children's excitement for the school year ahead.

Combining these small gifts with thoughtful words, care and concern, helps you create a classroom with a positive emotional emotional climate.

Our favorite crayon gift for teachers to give as classroom welcome to school gifts are these mini rainbow Crayon Stix® (they also make amazing class valentines for kids). 

Teachers can also use printable coloring pages as activities to do with their students. Check out Art 2 the Extreme's printable worksheets and activities for teachers and classrooms.

What do you give a child that has everything?

One way to make a child feel special is to give them something that is personalized or customized for them. Young girls and boys love to color no matter the age and gifting new friends with crayons is a fun idea for what to get the child who has everything!

Personalized back to school crayon gifts for kids.  Shop oversized letter crayons that spell the child's name. Image is of school supplies on a white background. The name ISAAC in crayon letters sits on top of a black notebook.

For example, you can give them custom crayons that are made in the shape of their name or first initial. Crayon Stix® rainbow crayon gifts for kids are a unique, oversized crayon for any age to use for art projects, coloring pages, and texture rubbings. 

Rainbow crayons are a great option because they are so colorful and fun. If you are a lover of crayons and want to celebrate National Crayon Day 2024, we have a National Crayon Day printable activity and National Crayon Day gift guide for a fun way to celebrate National Crayon Day.

Oversized crayon letters that spell ART. Image is of three kids holding up the letter A, the letter R, and the letter T. These oversized crayons can be purchased at

Giant Crayon Letters - Oversized Crayon Gifts for Kids


Plus, crayons and drawing supplies can help promote creativity and imagination in children.

If you're looking for a unique school gift ideas that will make a child feel special, consider giving them some custom crayons or rainbow crayons.

Have fun shopping for your back to school gifts!

No matter what colorful gifts you find for back to school ideas, we hope your transition to a new school year goes well and the year is amazing for you and your littles (or bigs).  Don't forget to download the Back to School Student Interview printable for the first day of school!


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