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Art 2 the Extreme® - The Original Rainbow Crayon®

Classroom Valentines for Kids -Rainbow Crayon Stix® | "Such a unique class favor!"

Classroom Valentines for Kids -Rainbow Crayon Stix® | "Such a unique class favor!"

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Classroom Valentines for Kids

Rainbow crayons for classroom valentines make perfect Valentine's Day gifts for kids or for school valentine favors.  Mini Crayon Stix® Original Rainbow Crayon® valentines are perfect for the child who loves art ideas, coloring, or rainbow crayon fun!  

4 Crayon Stix® from our Valentine's Day collection  include the phrases XOXO, YOU'RE JUST WRITE, YOU'RE SO SHARP and I'M DRAWN TO YOU in a multicolor combination of colors.

Are Classroom Valentine Crayon Stix® good valentine favor idea for kids?

Valentine Rainbow Crayon Stix are a great Valentine's Day idea for pre-school, elementary, or any age of art lover as valentines for kids. Just pair these multi-colored crayons with a Valentine's Day card and you are done!  These rainbow crayons are perfect for small hands and won't roll off a table due to their unique shape.


*One rainbow crayon measure 3.5" in length and 1/2" in width.



Valentine Rainbow Crayon Stix® are prepackaged as groups of 4 in a random lot of color combinations both on the lighter and darker end for variety.

These classroom valentines are not individually bagged. 

DIY Kids Valentine Ideas:

-Pair with a mini notebook or sketchbook
-Have your child create a drawing
-Take a photo of your child holding their arm out (like they are holding a stick upright), then cut a slit to place the crayon in to make it look like they are holding the crayon out.
-Add a long flag around the end with a message
-Add to your child's favorite valentine from the store for a special touch


Original Rainbow Crayons® are handcrafted in the USA and made from premium brand crayons with no other added (non-crayon) ingredients.

Colors will vary due to the handmade nature and melting process of the crayons.

Always supervise children while playing and coloring - not recommend for children under the age of 3 .

Details About OUr Rainbow Crayons

We use new and old crayons to make all of our rainbow crayons.

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