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Art 2 the Extreme® - The Original Rainbow Crayon®

Pi Day 2025 Rainbow Crayons

Pi Day 2025 Rainbow Crayons

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Pi Day 2025 Rainbow Crayon 

Looking for Pi Day activities for kids and want to add a colorful touch to your Pi Day celebration at school? Rainbow crayons are a fun and functional Pi Day treat or Pi Day gift for a math lover or teacher. Write out the numbers of Pi with brightly-colored, Original Rainbow Crayon® in the shape of Pi. This rainbow crayon gift is perfect for kindergarten buddies and art classrooms looking for a unique way to celebrate Pi Day 2025.

Each Pi Day crayon is easy to hold and features an array of bright colors, which blend together in endless combinations as you create your masterpiece. 

What are some Pi Day activities schools can do with rainbow crayons?

Pi Day is not just about eating pie! On Pi Day, many classrooms have a Pi Day contest where students memorize and write out as many numbers of Pi as they can with their crayons. Some classrooms even have a Pi Day art contest. With younger students, there are fun ways incorporate texture rubbing activities with Pi Day rainbow crayons. Pi Day rainbow crayons make a fun gift for Pi Day at school overall. 


*Individual Pi Day rainbow crayons measure approximately 4"x4" and 1.75" deep. 

*Pi Day rainbow crayons will come packaged in individual bags and bubble wrapped together for safe shipping. 


    Original Rainbow Crayons® are handcrafted in the USA and made from recycled and premium brand crayons with no other added (non-crayon) ingredients.

    Colors will vary due to the handmade nature and melting process of the crayons.

    Due to the unique Pi Day symbol, this crayon does have thinner edges, so we suggest handling with care. If dropped on a hard surface from above, the crayons may break.

    Always supervise children while playing and coloring - not recommend for children under the age of 3 due to small parts.

    Details About OUr Rainbow Crayons

    We use new and old crayons to make all of our rainbow crayons.

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