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Art 2 the Extreme® - The Original Rainbow Crayon®

Popsicle Crayon | "Perfect for summer celebrations."

Popsicle Crayon | "Perfect for summer celebrations."

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Popsicle Crayon for Kids

Popsicle crayons are a COOL addition to your art and craft supplies. These Crayonsicle™ Original Rainbow Crayon® Popsicle Crayons come in a yummy mix of swirling colors for your coloring and drawing projects. 

Perfect for texture rubbings and party favors, these life-sized crayon treats are sure to be a sweet surprise for coloring fun. 

The Crayon Details


  • Individual popsicle crayons  Measures 3 3/4" long, 1 3/4" wide, and 7/8" thick


  • Each popsicle crayon comes individually shrink-wrapped and packaged, ready for gifting with kraft band.
  • Popsicle crayon colors will vary from photos since each rainbow crayon is unique. 
  • Crayon popsicles are not meant for children under the age of 3.
  • Designed and handcrafted in my crayon studio in Noblesville, Indiana.

Original Rainbow Crayons® are handcrafted in the USA and made from premium brand crayons with no other added (non-crayon) ingredients. Wooden popsicle stick is used for decorative purposes.

Colors will vary due to the handmade nature and melting process of the crayons.

Although they may look delicious, these popsicles are made of crayon and not to eat! Always supervise children while playing and coloring. Ages 3 and up.


Behind The Crayon Design

The Popsicle Original Rainbow Crayon® were inspired by my childhood love of Crayola crayon popsicles and crayon ice pops, blending nostalgia with creativity. These unique crayons were first created as custom party favors for our own family summer party, adding a personal touch to the celebration. Designed for my boys to hand out to their friends, these vibrant crayons quickly became a hit. This is my artistic nod to the Crayola popsicle! Each Popsicle Original Rainbow Crayon captures the joy of summer and the timeless fun of coloring, making them a beloved addition to Art 2 the Extreme®.


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Details About OUr Rainbow Crayons

We use new and old crayons to make all of our rainbow crayons.

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