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Help Teachers Clear The List!

Back to School 2024-2025 season is here, which means it is time for another Clear the List goal! Now is the perfect time to help teachers get their supplies they need for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year by purchasing school supplies on teacher's wish lists.


Clear the list 2024, back to school 2024, Image is of three kids holding oversized crayons spelling ART, Shop Rainbow Crayon Gifts for Kids


As summer winds down and the back-to-school season approaches, both teachers and students are gearing up for the 2024-2025 school year. One essential aspect of this preparation is ensuring that classrooms are well-stocked with the necessary supplies.

Clear the list 2024, 2024 back to School, Image is of art teacher Nicole Lewis sitting at her desk in her art education classroom.

As a former art teacher, I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars of my own money teaching to purchase art tools, new classroom furniture, and teaching resources for my 1000+ students I had each year. I taught at two elementary schools in the district and even taught art on a cart in teacher classrooms at one school for most of my career. This resulted in many creative ways to move and store art supplies during my first year teaching.

To help ease the pockets, many educators turn to "Clear the List," a wonderful initiative that brings together teachers, parents, and communities to fulfill teacher wish lists (I sure wish the Clear the List movement was a trend when I was teaching years ago).


What does it mean to clear the list?

"Clear the List" is a heartwarming movement that originated on social media, where teachers share their classroom needs with the community. These wish lists often consist of essential school supplies and materials that can greatly enhance the learning experience for students. Parents, friends, and local businesses then step in to fulfill these wishes, helping teachers create an engaging and well-equipped learning environment. This initiative fosters a sense of support and appreciation for educators, while also ensuring that every child has the tools they need to succeed in the upcoming school year.

Child holding rainbow crayon custom crayon set that says JAYLA as a back to school gift.

Clear the List 2024

Helping teachers clear their wishes list on Amazon and Donors Choose is essential for equipping new classroom teachers with the necessary tools they need to foster effective learning. Public involvement in this initiative during August can significantly reduce the financial burden on educators, allowing them to focus more on teaching rather than sourcing materials. By joining this cause, donors provide essential classroom supplies and resources to teachers, directly impacting education positively. Sharing information about this effort makes a huge difference and encourages others to participate, creating a community-driven approach to supporting our teachers.

Ultimately, helping teachers by clearing the list ensures that they have everything they need to create engaging and successful learning environments for the community they serve. Art 2 the Extreme® has once again provided a way for teachers to join in on participation to submit their link for others to find their Amazon wish list link shared publicly. As a former teacher myself, I spent thousands of dollars on required tools that my district would not provide. With the added hurdles of inflation on the rise, required forms for teachers to fill out for help, and simply not getting support from public school administration, wouldn't you agree that our country needs to come together for support and provide classroom supplies to complete teacher Amazon lists?

Four rainbow name crayon kits for kids to be used as classroom gift for back to school. Crayons have multiple rainbow colors and spell out the names MAYA, ISAAC, SOLANA, and MANNY. Image on teacher clear list form.

Help Teachers Clear Their School Supply List! (List link shared publicly)

Clear Erin K.'s List (1st Grade Teacher, Moving Grade Levels)

Clear Carey's List! (3rd Grade Teacher)

Clear Lori’s List! (Middle School History Teacher)

Clear Melanie D.'s List! (Kindergarten Teacher)

Clear Alison A.'s List! (Second Grade Teacher)

Clear Elizabeth P.'s List! (Grades 3-5 Special Education Teacher)

Clear JoAnna P.'s List! (Special Education Teacher - Title 1 School)

Clear Michelle R.'s List! (Pre-school Teacher)

Clear Christy B.'s List! (2nd Grade Teacher)

Clear Sarah C.'s List! (4th Grade Teacher)

Clear Serenae's List! (7th and 8th grade Math Teacher)

Clear Chelsea's List! (High School Algebra 1 Teacher)

Clear Avery W.'s List! (First Grade Teacher, Title 1 School)

Clear Cassidy's List! (Special Education Teacher)

Clear Cait's List! (Kindergarten and Fourth Grade Special Education)

Clear Miranda's List (Preschool Teacher)

Clear Jamie F.'s List!  (Preschool Teacher)

Clear Jennifer L.'s List! (First Grade Teacher)

Clear Karen N.'s List! (Kindergarten Teacher)

Clear LaTia's List (3rd Grade Teacher)

Clear Brittany's List (1st Grade Teacher, Moving Grade Levels) 

Clear Briana D.'s List! (ESOL Teacher)

Clear LaQuasha's List! (Kindergarten - Third Grade Exceptional Learners)

Clear Laura G.'s List (Pre-K Teacher)

Clear Lakorie's List! (Kindergarten Teacher)

Clear Chris's List (6th Grade Teacher)

Clear Giulia's List!  (4th Grade ICT/Special Education Teacher)

Clear Neka's List! (Kindergarten Teacher)

Clear Heather’s List!  (Third Grade Teacher)

Clear Amy U.'s List (First Grade Teacher)

Clear Sarah's List! (First Grade Teacher)

Clear Jen's List! (Elementary Music Teacher)

Clear Joni B.'s List!  (Art Teacher)

Clear Mandy’s List!  (Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher - PreK-12th)

Clear Robin’s List! (Developmental Pre-K)

Clear Lindsey's List! (Second Grade Teacher)

Clear Lauren's List! (K-5 Reading Specialist)

Clear Cathy's List! (Second Grade Teacher)

Clear Danielle L.'s List (Special Education - Third and Fourth Grade)

Clear Kennedy Z.'s List (Special Education - Title 1 School)

Clear Vanessa R.'s List! (1st Year Special Education Teacher - Kindergarten through Third Grade Self-Contained)

Clear Amanda N.'s List (1st Year Teacher, High School, Social and Emotional Learners)

Clear Nesa's List (SPED Middle School Social Studies)

Clear Ericka's List (Fifth Grade Teacher- Switched grades this year from first)

Clear Jenn L.'s List (High School Teacher - ELA)

Clear Karen R.'s List (Kindergarten Teacher - FIRST YEAR)

Clear Ashley S.'s List (2nd Grade Teacher)

Clear Princess J.'s List  (5th Grade Teacher)

Clear Sherell's List  (Kindergarten through 8th Grade - First Year Teacher!) 

Clear Lauren J.'s List (High School English Teacher)

Clear Meaghan's List  (First Grade Teacher - Urban School)

Clear Trina's List (Junior High Interventionist)

Clear Tanya's List (1st Grade Teacher)

Clear Katie H.'s List (Kindergarten Teacher)

Clear Marie L.'s List (3rd Grade Teacher - Second Year Teaching)

Clear Andi's List  (Teacher at the only Nature School in Indiana)

Clear Cindy G.'s List  (Headstart School Teacher)

Clear Jamie W.'s List 


Rainbow Crayons as a Classroom Gift

In addition to functional supplies for teachers, consider a FUN classroom set of rainbow crayons. One of the most beloved items on many teacher wish lists creative and captivating art coloring tools such as Art 2 the Extreme’s rainbow crayons. These vibrant art tools not only ignite creativity in young minds but also make the learning process more enjoyable. Rainbow crayons come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them perfect for various artistic projects and age groups. I personally love our Crayon Stix® for spelling centers and our Rainbow Rocks for art centers and texture rubbing. There are even solid colored crayon sets with Spanish colors written on the actual crayons.  Explore the our Back to School gift collection for 2024.

Personalized back to school supplies for kids. Image is of pencils, notebook, paper, and personalized crayons spelling MANNY on a red background. Crayons are from crayon shop Art 2 the Extreme.

Original Rainbow Crayon® supplies include an enchanting blend of colors sparks curiosity and encourages self-expression, helping children develop essential cognitive and motor skills. For teachers, providing their students with such a magical medium through the "Clear the List" initiative can foster a love for learning and art.


Back to school Supplies that will WOW them! Rainbow Crayon Stix from krayon shop Art 2 the Extreme.

Back-to-School Classroom Supplies for Kids

Aside from rainbow crayons, there are several other must-have back-to-school supplies that every child should have in their backpack. From traditional essentials like notebooks, pencils, and erasers to more modern additions like USB drives and headphones, these items facilitate a smooth learning experience.  Highlighting these essentials can help parents and communities understand the importance of supporting Amazon wish list items and ensuring that every student in the district starts the year with the tools they need.

school supplies for kids, image is of a rainbow crayon name set that spells ISAAC on top of a black notebook with pencils, a ruler, and other supplies surrounding it.

Tip from a former art teacher: When buying back to school materials, please buy the BULK pack (and brand name) of Elmer’s Glue Sticks and get the pre-sharpened, Triconga Pencils.  I also found a great deal on these Expo Markers that are normally $40, down to $13.86! 


Best Gifts for Teachers

As educators dedicate countless hours to shaping the future of their students, expressing gratitude through thoughtful gifts can go a long way. During the back-to-school season, consider showing appreciation to teachers who participate in "Clear the List" by gifting them practical and thoughtful items. Personalized stationery, classroom organization tools, and self-care packages can make a teacher's daily life more manageable and enjoyable. Furthermore, gift cards to Target, Amazon, or local bookshops allow teachers to handpick the materials that best suit their teaching styles and classroom needs.

One thing I always appreciate as a parent is access to a “Teacher Favorites” wish-list that goes beyond supplies for school. Speaking as a former teacher, I love gift cards, but someone that does NOT love coffee might not be the best fit for 20 Starbucks gift cards come Christmas time. Knowing a teacher’s favorite restaurant, snack, and fountain drink of choice can be a huge help. I always love throwing in an Etsy gift card so teachers can shop for themselves! 

Art teacher Nicole Lewis works from an art cart in a classroom wearing orange gloves. Clear the list for back to school from Art 2 the Extreme. Support teacher wish lists on Amazon by clear teacher wishlist.


Teacher Clear the List!!

As the back-to-school season dawns upon us, let's embrace the spirit of community and classrooms to unite to support our dedicated teachers and students. Not every district gives equal amounts of money (as an art teacher, I received about $700 for my art program and anything beyond I needed to apply for grants or pay out of pocket for teacher supplies and my teacher wishlist).By fulfilling teacher wish lists, including the delightful rainbow crayons and essential school equipment for kids, we can ensure that every classroom becomes a hub of creativity and learning. Moreover, expressing gratitude through well-chosen gifts for teachers can remind them that their hard work and commitment are valued and appreciated. So, let's come together as a community, give our students and teachers a brighter future,  and make this academic year an unforgettable and successful one for all. Don't forget to check out other companies clearning teacher wishlists 2024 in addition to amazon wish lists.

Please check out Art 2 the Extreme’s 2024 teacher picks for shared post above or on the @Art2theExtreme Instagram page. *List link shared publicly. Happy back-to-school shopping!


How do I create my own classroom wish list on Amazon?

  1. Head over to Amazon and hover over Account & List at the top of any Amazon page. Using the drop-down menu, select ‘Create a List’ and name the list. 
  2. Hover over the three dots More menu on the right-hand side. Click ‘Manage List’ to make sure the shipping address is correct in addition to preferences such as privacy.
  3. Click ‘save’ and start adding items to your list! When browsing Amazon, click ‘Add to List’ under the buy box towards the right-hand side. Items will help teacher classrooms!

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Clear the List 2024 - Image shows a colorful name ISAAC spelled out in crayon on top of a black notebook with confetti around it. The purpose of this image is to have teachers add their Amazon wish list to help "clear the list".

 We love our teachers! Have your list added to the Art 2 the Extreme® Clear The List, list! Send an email to

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